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Politics | 3/4/2015 12:22:18 PM
WASHINGTON, March 4, 2015 - Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan., said he plans a bipartisan overhaul of federal nutrition requirements so that poor or rural school districts as well as wealthy, urban ones can meet the meal standards.
Politics | 3/4/2015 11:50:50 AM
WASHINGTON, March 4, 2015- McDonald's, the world's largest fast food chain, today announced that it will only source chicken raised without antibiotics important to human medicine in all of their 14,000 U.S. restaurants within two years.

Politics | 3/4/2015 5:07:46 AM
WASHINGTON, March 4, 2015-- Rural communities will need $140 billion in drinking water and wastewater system upgrades in the coming decades, according to a Government Accountability Office report.
Politics | 3/3/2015 5:58:31 PM
WASHINGTON, March 3, 2015 - The House Judiciary Committee has advanced a bill that would force employers to use the E-Verify system to ensure their workers can legally work in the Untied States, a requirement that could snag farmworkers across the country.
Politics | 3/3/2015 5:04:17 PM
WASHINGTON, March 3, 2015 - The Obama administration won't commit to providing lawmakers with recommendations for overhauling the country-of-origin labeling law for meat.
Politics | 3/3/2015 3:36:15 PM
WASHINGTON, March 3, 2015 - The House voted to fund the Department of Homeland Security through the rest of fiscal 2015, ending an attempt by conservatives to use the agency's spending bill to block President Obama's executive actions on immigration.
Politics | 3/3/2015 2:06:27 PM
WASHINGTON, March 3, 2015- Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., reintroduced a bill Friday that encourages the administration to target foreign sugar subsidies. Under the (Zero-for-Zero) plan, U.S. sugar policy would also be rolled back in exchange for the elimination of foreign programs, which Yoho says are distorting world prices and inhibiting a free market.
Politics | 3/3/2015 11:59:03 AM
WASHINGTON, March 3, 2015 - Ask just about any farmer leader if they support science and innovation in agriculture and the answer will usually be a resounding (yes.) But ask them about how to commercialize new seed traits and avoid sending those products to unapproved international markets, there's little consensus.
Politics | 3/2/2015 4:05:19 PM
WASHINGTON, March 2, 2015 - USDA is awarding $27.6 million to five demonstration projects aimed at ending childhood hunger in America.
Politics | 3/2/2015 3:57:35 PM
WASHINGTON, March 1, 2015 - School nutrition directors and the Obama administration are drawing lines for a coming battle over reauthorization of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act that raised standards for school meals.
Politics | 3/2/2015 3:30:37 PM
WASHINGTON, March 2 -- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not keeping pace with a mandate that requires its overseas offices to inspect foreign food facilities, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report.
Politics | 3/2/2015 2:11:01 PM
WASHINGTON, March 2, 2015 - Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., announced Monday that she will retire at the end of the 114th Congress in 2017, ending the longest congressional career of any woman in history.
Politics | 3/2/2015 12:49:17 PM
WASHINGTON, March 2, 2015 - Sodium limits for schools would be frozen at their current limits and a whole grain requirement would be cut in half under proposed legislation that school nutrition directors will be lobbying Congress this week to pass.
Politics | 3/2/2015 10:45:42 AM
WASHINGTON, March 2, 2015 -- The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) and the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) today jointly urged Congress to enact new Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation, saying it is crucial to securing well-negotiated trade agreements.
Politics | 3/2/2015
WASHINGTON, March 2, 2015 - Bolthouse Farms is challenging America to shift the balance of "food porn" and help create a healthier Internet.
Politics | 3/1/2015 5:02:51 PM

WASHINGTON, March 1, 2015 - Does rural America still pack the same political punch it did in years gone by? With fewer farmers, is there a disconnect between them, their city cousins and the legislators who represent the diverse groups?
Politics | 2/27/2015 11:20:53 PM
WASHINGTON, Feb. 27, 2015 - House ag appropriators expressed support as they heard Jason Weller, chief of the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service's (NRCS), explain the agency's $4.4 billion budget proposal for fiscal 2016.
Politics | 2/27/2015 12:28:17 PM
PHOENIX, Feb. 27, 2015 -- USDA is extending the deadline for producers to update their base yields or reallocate their base acres to March 31, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said. The original deadline was today.
Politics | 2/27/2015

WASHINGTON, Feb. 27, 2015- A bipartisan group of former U.S. agriculture secretaries going back to the Carter administration is urging Congress to pass fast-track trade promotion authority (TPA) as a way to help President Obama conclude trade deals with a group of Pacific Rim nations and with the European Union.
Politics | 2/26/2015 8:12:17 PM
WASHINGTON, Feb. 26, 2015 - USDA today released data showing how U.S. agriculture could benefit from the successful conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a free trade agreement with 11 other Pacific Rim nations.
Politics | 2/26/2015 5:52:33 PM
PHOENIX, Feb. 26, 2015 - On the heels of more legislation introduced to repeal the corn ethanol mandate in the Renewable Fuel Standard, a panel of National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) leaders said any attack on their chief renewable fuels policy is taken (very seriously.)
Politics | 2/26/2015 4:47:58 PM
PHOENIX, Feb. 26, 2015-- American Soybean Association (ASA) President Wade Cowan said the group will (become a more aggressive organization) and work more closely with other farm groups to push for policy and regulatory influence.
Politics | 2/26/2015 4:12:10 PM
BISMARCK, North Dakota, Feb. 27, 2015 - Do you know what FFA is all about? As a mom of a FFA member, I do-but as a student and young adult, I had no idea.
Politics | 2/26/2015 3:39:13 PM
WASHINGTON, Feb. 26, 2015 - Michelle Obama, in her keynote address to the Partnership for a Healthier America 2015 Summit today, celebrated the successes of her Let's Move! campaign and vowed to continue advocating for healthy living well after her husband leaves office.
Politics | 2/26/2015 2:43:53 PM
WASHINGTON, Feb. 26, 2015 -- USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service will invest an additional $84 million through the Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP) to help disaster recovery efforts through more than 150 projects in 13 states.
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