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Politics | 7/17/2013 3:50:08 PM
WASHINGTON, July 17, 2013- The U.S. Department of Agriculture intends to conduct Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) on certain herbicide-resistant crops developed by Dow AgroSciences and Monsanto
Politics | 7/17/2013 2:03:50 PM
WASHINGTON, July 17, 2013 - Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack encouraged members of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) to hold their Congressional representation accountable on moving a farm bill forward

Politics | 7/17/2013 11:16:44 AM
WASHINGTON, July 17, 2013 - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced funding for rural electric projects in seven states to
Politics | 7/16/2013 2:54:12 PM
WASHINGTON, July 16, 2013 - The House sent its five-year farm bill (H.R. 2642) Tuesday to the Senate, pushing the legislation onto the next
Politics | 7/16/2013 11:56:19 AM
WASHINGTON, July 16, 2013 - The museum is looking to add an upcoming "American Enterprise" exhibit, which will
Politics | 7/16/2013
WASHINGTON, July 16, 2013 - Senate Agriculture, Forestry and Nutrition Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., urged the House Monday to begin
Politics | 7/15/2013 3:17:20 PM
WASHINGTON, July 15, 2013 - Agricultural stakeholders and lawmakers will be focused intensely this week on what is next for the farm bill after
Politics | 7/15/2013 1:46:38 PM

WASHINGTON, July 15, 2013 - Presidents Barack Obama and George H.W. Bush made a rare joint appearance today to honor Iowa
Politics | 7/14/2013 4:20:09 PM
BLOOMINGTON-NORMAL, Ill., June 12, 2013 - Livingston County, Illinois may look like standard farm country. But a three-year old partnership between
Politics | 7/12/2013 9:14:34 AM
WASHINGTON, July 12, 2013 - USDA has designated the following new categories:
Politics | 7/12/2013 9:14:32 AM
WASHINGTON, July 11, 2013 - The House approved, on a partisan 216-208 vote, a five-year farm bill (H.R. 2642) Thursday, which
Politics | 7/11/2013 9:38:23 PM
WASHINGTON, July 11, 2013- The U.S. House of Representatives' vote and passage of a farm bill without the nutrition title (HR 2642) today triggered confusion among the nation's farm
Politics | 7/11/2013 5:21:41 PM
WASHINGTON, D.C., July 11, 2013-The July World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report released today by USDA shows no change in the projected corn and
Politics | 7/11/2013 2:53:09 PM
WASHINGTON, July 11, 2013 - The House is expected to vote this morning on a revamped farm bill (H.R. 2642) that would exclude the nutrition title and
Politics | 7/11/2013 10:43:58 AM
WASHINGTON, July 11, 2013- National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) announced their support of passing
Politics | 7/11/2013 9:09:27 AM
WASHINGTON, July 11, 2013- In a letter to House members, the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) outlined its reasons to oppose a farm bill split
Politics | 7/11/2013 4:53:28 AM
WASHINGTON, July 11, 2013- Although major agriculture groups oppose the effort, House Republicans defend voting on a split farm bill as a last resort for passing farm policy
Politics | 7/11/2013 4:19:13 AM
WASHINGTON, July 11, 2013 - The House is expected to vote this morning on a revamped farm bill (H.R. 2642) that would exclude the nutrition title and
Politics | 7/10/2013 9:43:58 PM
WASHINGTON, July 11, 2013 - Several senators questioned the proposed purchase of Smithfield Foods, the largest U.S. pork producer, by a
Politics | 7/10/2013 3:54:08 PM
The Grocery Manufacturers Association is hosting a Washington D.C. summit on July 10, inviting over 300 companies to discuss
Politics | 7/10/2013 1:51:40 PM
WASHINGTON, July 10, 2013- U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) and the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) welcomed the announcement that South Korea
Politics | 7/10/2013 12:37:53 PM
WASHINGTON, July 10, 2013 - The Sentinel Landscapes Partnership includes a partnership between USDA, the U.S. Department of the Interior, and the Department of Defense (DoD) to
Politics | 7/10/2013 11:35:18 AM

WASHINGTON, July 9, 2013- Agricultural leaders wanting to bring young people into farming with skills in communication and policy could consider a model established by an English counterpart
Politics | 7/10/2013 10:54:29 AM
WASHINGTON, July 10, 2013- USDA recently released data summarizing the rapid adoption of herbicide-tolerant and insect-resistant
Politics | 7/10/2013 9:25:26 AM
WASHINGTON, July 10, 2013 - When asked about his favorite food at the second annual Kids' State Dinner July 9 at the White House, President Barack Obama
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